I Don't Think We've Run Out of Energy, Just Resolve

Don't you think we make solutions needlessly complicated?

That's all I've been saying about this energy thing.

Some want to look at nuclear, but not oil.

Or look at oil, but not nuclear.

Some want to raise fuel standards on cars here, but not lower roadblocks to exploration here.

Why can't we do it all?

Why can't we drill for oil here and search for alternatives here?

As long as we do it here.

And move toward depending less on folks who don't much flip over us there.

What's clear is we have to quit demagoguing the issue.

And quit making scapegoats on the issue.

It's not about oil companies. Or taxing their profits.

Or protecting those oil companies' subsidies and taxing our patience.

It's about seeing beyond party, and toward a single purpose.

When all is said and done, we're Americans.

The product of the greatest generation...all too quickly, all too sadly leaving us now.

I hope we don't forget them now.

Or their resolve then.

When they fought a Depression and a World War at the same time.

Never once bitching, or blaming, or scape-goating, just doing.

Back then we were all in the same boat and everyone knew it.

Well, we're in the same energy boat today and it seems like everyone but our politicians know it.

I do. You do. Maybe we can make sure they do.

Because I don't think we've run out of energy.

Sometimes I think we've just run out of something far more important.


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