I Don't Golf...

I don't golf.

I tried to golf.

But I wasn't good at it.

I caddied as a kid, but I wasn't good at that either.

I mention this now because I'm getting deluged with golf invitations now. Very generous invitations at that. Some for pleasure. Some for charity.All declined.

Don't get me wrong, in the case of most charity requests, I'm more than happy to send a donation, but I think it only fair to them that I also send my regrets.

Because I'm that bad. I never had the patience for golf. Or even the remotest talent for golf. Which is a pity when you consider the fact that many in my family are quite good at golf and in the case of my nephew, a world-class talent at golf, I kid you not. Not me.

Now I don't know if you golf, but in the business world, they actually think you're weird if you don't golf. One former CEO friend of mine tells me he's amazed I've gone this far in life not knowing how to golf!

Big muckety-mucks play golf, and I talk to a lot of big muckety-mucks. So if I'm not out there on the links, is that the right expression???...Well, I'm a missing link, missing opportunities, golden bonding moments with the boss.


I just say if the boss wants to take up Bocci ball, I'm set.

Fire up a grill and have a barbecuing contest, I'm ready and revved.

Sadly, I never get such invitations from power brokers. I guess because they're too busy...playing golf.

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