'I Deplore the Israeli State'

And now the most engaging two minutes in television, the latest from the wartime grapevine:

Discrimination by Brits?
Two Israeli scholars have been fired from British academic journals because they are Israelis. Professor Mona Baker of the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology dismissed Professor Gideon Toury of Tel Aviv University and Dr. Miriam Schlesinger of Bar-Ilan University, from language journals, which Baker owns. Professor Baker, who is Egyptian-born, told the London Telegraph, "I deplore the Israeli state." She said she was taking part in a boycott of Israel because that country "has gone beyond just war crimes. It is horrific what is going on there. Many of us would like to talk about it as some kind of holocaust."

Attacking Ashcroft
Julian Bond, the veteran civil rights leader and former Georgia state senator who now heads the NAACP, says Attorney General John Ashcroft is "a cross between J. Edgar Hoover and Jerry Falwell." And, Bond told the 93rd convention of the NAACP in Houston last night, "There is a right-wing conspiracy and it is operating out of the United States Department of Justice." Bond complained that, "While the administration is busy asserting sweeping police powers...it is sweeping voting rights violations from the 2000 election under the rug."

Predicting Pollution
The World Wildlife Fund, which recently forced the World Wrestling Federation to stop calling itself the WWF, has set its sights on bigger game. The WWF is predicting the end of the world as we know it by the year 2050. The London Observer says a WWF report due out tomorrow will warn that "the human race is plundering the planet at a pace that outstrips its capacity to support life." The Observer says the report says that the seas will become empty of fish while forests are completely destroyed and freshwater supplies become scarce and polluted. At this rate, says the report, we earthlings will need to colonize two planets to support human life.

Slim Pickings Getting Slimmer
The latest from the world of vegetarianism is that its most extreme practitioners — the non-meat, non-poultry, non-fish eating vegans, are also avoiding honey. The reason, according to Time Magazine, is that "its production demands the oppression of worker bees."