Photographs of a Paris Hilton (search) makeout session with a woman at a nightclub have provided a new venue — Hustler (search) magazine — for the hotel heiress and TV reality show star.

Eight pictures, which are from about 2002, show Hilton, fully clothed, "with a brunette at a nightclub, cavorting with her, dancing and cuddling with her and fondling her," Phoenix-based agent David Hans Schmidt told The Associated Press Monday.

Schmidt said he sold the photos to the Beverly Hills, Calif.-based adult magazine for an undisclosed price.

The photos showed Hilton in a leopard-print halter top and low-slung black pants, and the brunette is wearing a midriff-baring black halter, the New York Daily News said in Monday's editions.

Bruce David, Hustler's editorial director, told the AP the photos will likely be published in the May issue, which hits newsstands at the end of February.

"It's a hot, passionate serious makeout session," David said. "It does not appear to be two girls kidding around or two girls kissing each other hello. It seems to be pretty hot and pretty heavy."

Hilton's spokeswoman, Gina Hoffman, was traveling Monday and couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

The 23-year-old model-actress has been filming Fox's "The Simple Life 3" with friend Nicole Richie, daughter of pop star Lionel Richie.

Hilton gained notoriety when a homemade sex video she shot years ago with then-boyfriend Rick Salomon surfaced on the Internet, leaving her "embarrassed and humiliated."

The video spurred Salomon to file a $10 million slander lawsuit against the heiress and her parents, but it was dropped in April.

Salomon's lawsuit alleged that Hilton and her parents "embarked on a cold, calculated and malicious campaign to portray (him) as a rapist who took advantage of a sweet and innocent girl."