Hugo Chavez: Misfit Among Misfits

I'll never forget years back, a very promising hot-shot executive, who was a shoo-in to become CEO.

Then he showed up at a strip club, apparently drunk and apparently a very big tipper. All I'll say is the dancers might have loved him, but not his company.

He never became CEO at that company and pretty soon, he wasn't even at that company.

Fast forward to Hugo Chavez — bear with me, I do have a point.

Now, as far as I know, old Hugo didn't take in any strip clubs when he was in New York. But he did take in the United Nations and once there, he did something a little nutty too: He went on a tirade.

He compared the president to the devil and mocked even the sulfur smell left at the podium.

Sure, some chuckled, but apparently, more winced. You see, even at the U.N. they have decorum and old Hugo broke it.

Now, The New York Times reporting that his wacky, meandering diatribe not only cost Hugo some credibility, but his country a seat on the Security Council.

Ironic, huh? Even among some real asses, Hugo's a super ass — too much, even for them. And get this: The ones who were the most ticked off by his antics are Latin diplomats, who feel he sullied their image.

So likely, Venezuela's out because Hugo's far out: a misfit among misfits. A modern day Yukon Cornelius. Remember him? The dude in "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" who was rough around the edges, but figured he and Rudolph and that dentist elf would be hits on the island of misfit toys.

They were. Pity Hugo is not.

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