How Nancy Pelosi Is Hurting the FBI, NASA and Justice Department

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A week or so ago I told you about an absurd position taken up by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She decided that federal workplace rules should include protection for people who refuse to speak English and refuse to even learn to speak English.

Frankly, I thought that Ms. Pelosi would see the error of her ways and let the matter drop after the dust died down. But no, it didn't work out that way.

As John Fund is reporting in today's Wall Street Journal, Ms. Pelosi is now holding up a $53 billion appropriations bill funding the FBI, NASA and the Justice Department in order to block an attached amendment that would allow employers to insist on English. Ms. Pelosi evidently thinks inclusiveness means we have to learn the language of immigrants to employ them.

In other words, when you're going to hire someone, you better make certain that you and your other employees and your customers and vendors also speak the language of the person you are hiring.

The shortcut of course is English. Everybody speaks English, plus whatever else, and we've got no problem. But that would be too much of a burden on the person who wants a job. This person wants a job as if he or she were still in their home country and had never become an immigrant to a new country.

Where else on earth would you expect such a rule? If I go to France can I expect to be hired without speaking French to French customers? I wouldn't think so.

The question is: What has Nancy Pelosi got against English that is so important it's worth blocking money for the FBI, NASA and the Justice Department? Could it be they all speak English?

That's My Word.

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