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HANNITY: As we continue on HANNITY & COLMES, also coming up tonight, Alan will go one on one with our good friend Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating.

But first, Filegate was one of the first big scandals of the Clinton administration, but just how involved was Hillary Clinton? In an exclusive interview for Fox, Rita Cosby questioned former White House personal security director Craig Livingstone about Hillary Clinton, Louis Freeh, and

the secrets enemies list.


RITA COSBY, FOX CORRESPONDENT: Were you surprised to hear the FBI didn't hand over 3,100 pages of documents to McVeigh's defense team?


Not at all. These kind of mistakes routinely happened. I can only pray and hope that it was indeed a mistake.

COSBY: Did you find evidence that things were not a mistake when you were at the White House?

LIVINGSTONE: I think that a lot of (UNINTELLIGIBLE) had political predilections that would possibly cloud their view, their professional responsibilities. But I have seen it personally happen.

COSBY: What do you think of Director Freeh?

LIVINGSTONE: I'm glad he's going to resign.

COSBY: And why is that?

LIVINGSTONE: I think it's better for the country.

COSBY: Because why?

LIVINGSTONE: The mistakes, the similarity to the things that happened

on my watch that have happened on his watch have cost people their lives,

have cost our nation its security.

COSBY: The FBI director was very hard in his comments about you.


COSBY: Some would say that you're talking now for the first time about the FBI files and pointing the finger at the FBI to cover up for your own mistakes.

LIVINGSTONE: I'm not here to point a finger at the FBI. The FBI has made enough mistakes on their own. They don't need me to point a finger at them.

I had no idea that we had these files, and it was a problem. And the moment I did, I contacted my attorney and I said, "I need to resign."

COSBY: Would you have been forced out had you not resigned?

LIVINGSTONE: Probably so. That's the nature of politics. That's -- I would be a convenient person to blame.

COSBY: Obviously some people's summary reports were improperly sent to the White House, improperly looked at. Do you think some privacy rights were violated of these individuals?

LIVINGSTONE: No, because nothing was asked for improperly. Everything that was ever done on my shift, on my watch, was done so because we believed that we had an official duty to either clear these people into the White House, to check out and see if they still worked at the White House.

COSBY: Many people still believe it was an enemies list, because many of these were obviously Bush and Reagan appointees.

LIVINGSTONE: That's absolutely untrue. Most of the people on that list were bakers, were hedge-clip personnel, not to demean or belittle what they did, but they were support personnel, like myself, a support player. They were not major players.

COSBY: But there was -- you bring up baker, James Baker. There were a couple pretty big names. I saw that list.

LIVINGSTONE: I can see how in hindsight that might ring a bell. But when we first arrived, I was amazed at the number of personnel from Mr. Bush and Mr. Reagan, and even back to Mr. Nixon, who still had access to the White House.

COSBY: Did you have interactions with Mrs. Clinton on the campaign trial?

LIVINGSTONE: I believe I actually met her to that, now, on reflection, but -- at one of the conventions too, prior to his running for president.

COSBY: So prior to '92.


COSBY: A lot of people were coming out on national TV and said, Look, here's a former bouncer, here's a guy who didn't have a lot of experience, and they put him in a very sensitive post. Were you ready for that job?

LIVINGSTONE: It was the -- what I call the overweight white guy syndrome, the last group of people on national TV or in the press that you can pick on without any lobby groups sticking up for you. And I say that with tongue in cheek, but there's some truth to that, I think.

COSBY: Did Hillary Clinton hire you?

LIVINGSTONE: Absolutely not.

COSBY: Did Hillary Clinton recommend you?

LIVINGSTONE: I don't know. And, you know, actually, I shouldn't say

absolutely not, because I don't know. But I don't have any knowledge that she did hire me. Let me put it that way.

COSBY: Wouldn't you know who hired you?

LIVINGSTONE: I can see how it would be easy to be derisive about that. But I can tell you that a number of people were involved with hiring me. I had heard that she said I was a decent person or something like that.

COSBY: Are these people lying who recently even filed affidavits saying that you worked for Mrs. Clinton?

LIVINGSTONE: I have no idea what the motivation of these people is. It's been my experience for the last few years that anybody can say anything they want, gets put into print, gets put on the air, people believe it.

COSBY: Did Hillary Clinton or anyone at the White House in a high-up capacity ask you to pull an enemies' list?

LIVINGSTONE: No, absolutely not, no one ever, anywhere, in or outside of the White House.

COSBY: Did Hillary Clinton order you to do anything that you felt was improper?


COSBY: Did Hillary Clinton ever ask you to pull these FBI summary reports and take a look at them?

LIVINGSTONE: Absolutely not.

COSBY: Did she ever have anything to do with these FBI summary reports, to your knowledge?

LIVINGSTONE: To my knowledge, no.

COSBY: You had a decent position at the White House, you resigned on national television in shame, and have had a tough time since. How difficult has life been since this ordeal?

LIVINGSTONE: It's been difficult. You learn who your friends are. You learn that you have few friends. You learn humility. What's -- probably I didn't have enough of when I worked at the White House.


HANNITY: The mystery remains who hired Craig Livingstone...

COLMES: I know, it was Hillary, but she was channeling Eleanor Roosevelt...

HANNITY: How could you not know who hired you?

COLMES: It's done by committee. He answered the question.

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