Hope and Change Proves Hollow

So the Great One's poll numbers are dropping like an Acme safe on the media's enormous expectations. Which is why the website Politico now must ruminate over the tragic contrast between Obama's real achievements and our country's growing disappointment in him.

They point out that Obama has "moved swiftly toward achieving the very policy objectives he promised voters as a candidate," which to me, is exactly why we can't stand him now.

Look at the health care bill: It pleased the media, but for the rest of us? Poop.

Financial reform will be called a victory by the same wags, despite an economy that's deader than Kathy Griffin's face.

Point is: We'd all like him more if he just played golf!

Look, people voted for Obama, because it was like joining the gym: It made you feel good, even if you never really showed up again. But even though you aren't there, he is — pumping away.

Now, many voters finally see that soaring rhetoric doesn't cut it. How funny is it that the one thing everyone said Obama was so good at (using his mouth), is now to blame for everything, instead of his inexperience. As Politico says, Obama "and his West Wing turn out to be not especially good at politics or communications."

In short: Ha. To elaborate: Ha, ha, ha.

But this communication failure is no surprise. Consider all the crap Obama was initially yakking about. Hope and change? Anyone with a decent voice and a DVD set of "The West Wing" can master that. But when faced with real junk like immigration and Iran, that poop won't fly. It just sticks.

And if you disagree with me, you're a racist homophobe who builds Wal-marts on Native American burial sites.

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