Hooters Waitress Told to Cover Up on Southwest Airlines Flight Undresses for Playboy

A 23-year-old college student who was told by a Southwest Airlines employee that her outfit was too revealing to fly is wearing even less on Playboy's Web site.

Kyla Ebbert appears in a series of pictures — some in lingerie, some nude — under the heading, "Legs in the Air."

"They're very tastefully done," Ebbert told The Associated Press on Thursday. "I don't see anything wrong with the female body."

Playboy contacted Ebbert's attorney to pitch the idea of posing. After "a little bit of talking" to convince her mother, Ebbert agreed. She said her boyfriend supported her decision, but "the most hesitant one was my dad."

On its Web site, Playboy says Ebbert "was too sexy for Southwest Airlines, but she's perfect for Playboy."

Ebbert said she was paid "less than six figures" to pose, but wouldn't give the specific amount.

A Southwest Airlines Co. employee pulled Ebbert off a flight this summer and forced her to adjust her outfit of a tank top, sweater and miniskirt before getting back on the plane.

Ebbert ripped the airline in appearances on NBC's "The Today Show" and "The Dr. Phil Show," during which she wore the outfit. Southwest officials said they don't have a dress code but don't want customers' attire to offend other passengers.

Ebbert said she was offended that Southwest tried to turn the dustup to its advantage by promoting a fare sale in honor of miniskirts. Southwest apologized to Ebbert, but she said she found the double-entendre-laced message unacceptable.

"They used my name in an ad campaign without asking permission," she said. "I thought I'd been slapped in the face."

Told of Ebbert's spread on the Playboy Web site, Southwest spokeswoman Beth Harbin said, "We wish her all the best."

Ebbert worked at a Hooters in San Diego but said wants to become an attorney, and doesn't think posing nude should get in the way of her professional aspirations.

"This was beautiful and classy. I don't see why it would affect a professional position," she said. "I'd do it again in a heartbeat."