Homeward Bound

Dear Viewers,

The show is leaving Boston Friday after a week covering the Democratic Convention. While we all like to take the show "on the road," the truth is that everyone on the show is ready to go home. Eight days in a hotel is long! Plus, as you know, our day does not end until 1 a.m. ET.

I have spoken to friends back home who have asked me if I had fun and if I had gone to a bunch of parties. Those questions are laughable. If we have any time — and this is true of everyone on our show — we want to sleep. It isn't that we are not fun, or don't like to have fun, it is just that we are here working and the hours are so, so, so long. And, of course, few parties start at 1 a.m. when we finish work!

We restart this drill in late August when we take the show back on the road to New York City for the Republican Convention. Many of my colleagues live in New York City, so it may seem "easy" for them. But they will not be working their normal hours — it will be around the clock. I doubt they will feel rested at the end of that week.

But, our jobs are still a million time easier than a fire fighter, a police officer, etc. What some people endure at work makes my job, in comparison, look so light. And, even if the hours are long doing a show from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m., the truth is that conventions are exciting. I am glad to have been here and I am very lucky to have this job.

And, here is some other "news," I just got word that Amber Frey has a testifying date in August. If all goes as planned, we will hit the road to California before the Republican Convention so that I can go in the courtroom and report back to you about Amber's testimony. Bottom line: I better get used to hotel living, since that is how I am spending my summer.

Thursday, I sat down with Senator Kerry's stepson Chris Heinz (search). We played part of that interview in Thursday night's show, but there is much more to the interview. We have videostreamed it on this Web site, so click the video link above and you can watch the interview in its entirety.

I am curious what you thought of our week's coverage and urge you to write. I read all my e-mail and answer most.


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