Homesick Host

OK, I hate missing the show — which is why I rarely watch it when I am not at work. Wednesday's show is case in point: It looked like such a blast!

What a great booking for the judge: a set of monkeys with his exact hairline! Kiran, the Judge and Steve were thrust upon me when I entered some local Atlanta radio stations, which, by the way, are all stocked with grade A talent. I realized that 96 Rock and their sister AM stations truly are FOX junkies and they were gathered around for all the theatrics.

Today I just glanced at the station and saw the long-awaited, highly-anticipated "Wonderful Life" promos and I came to the conclusion that not only can't I dance, but I can't act either. I can't say the same for Steve, Sally and John Gibson: they were brilliant. And I know I'll get roasted for at least the next year for my role as Jimmy Stewart's Navy brother. Great job, Rich O'Brien — wonderful producing!

Now to my tour: I love the people of Birmingham, Alabama and all who made the book signing a stunning success. Over 400 books were signed and sold and many were raided from area stores. It's such and honor to sit for four hours and talk to our audiences about the personal lives of Steve and E.D. Good thing they don't read the blog.

The book, "The Games Do Count," is now No. 8 on the New York Times best-seller list and this tour has a shot at making it climb further — that's a salute to our fans and my cologne. Clearly I smell nice because so many want to hold me.

One complaint: Please don't bring your dog on the plane. Because of a scary cocker spaniel my flight was cancelled and it took me six hours to get to Atlanta. Why? Because this dog got lose on the flight and Delta had to free it from the body of the plane by taking apart the floor. Here's travel hint: If a guy is in the floor of the plane with miner hat on, turn around and get a hotel. You are not going anywhere.

I am off to Atlanta book signing Wednesday. I just love this city. I'll write tomorrow to let you know how it went!

See you in Tampa, New Jersey and Long Island!


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