Hollywood's Hypocrites

I've never had the privileged lifestyle of a Hollywood actor, so perhaps I can't fully understand their rantings when it comes to the war of liberation in Iraq.

But I'm going to try because Tim Robbins, partner of with actress Susan Sarandon, came to Washington last week where he delivered a speech to the National Press Club.

Robbins claims his constitutional rights have been violated because he was dis-invited to speak at a Baseball Hall of Fame event in Cooperstown, New York. He and Sarandon starred in the 1986 baseball movie Bull Durham.

Robbins used his platform at the Press Club to denounce "talk radio patriots." He called some newspapers "Aussie gossip rags," an apparent reference to the owner of this network, the New York Post and other media outlets, who is from Australia.

Conservative speakers have been un-invited, or not invited at all to various forums. They now have other outlets to compete with the once dominant liberal media culture. Hollywood elites are used to being worshipped, not challenged. They think people should fall down at the sight of them and never doubt their expertise or sincerity about anything.

I think it's fine for Robbins and Barbra Streisand and the rest of them to speak about political and moral issues. But they shouldn't be allowed to hide behind their press agents. They should debate these issues with people on the other side. Wouldn't you like to see Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon debate one of those "talk radio patriots?"

There's something else. Why are people like Robbins opposed to a war to liberate an oppressed people? Don't we have an obligation as a free people to stand up for others who are being tortured and murdered?

Why does Hollywood suck-up to Fidel Castro, who just ordered the execution of several dissidents? They protest a war to free Iraqis from Saddam Hussein, but we never hear them standing up for those whose lives, much less their right to speak, are put in danger every day?

Maybe you have to live a privileged and pampered life to be so morally obtuse.

Come on, Tim. You live in a free land, but you can't have a free ride when it comes to your ideas.

Want to debate?

And that's Column One for this week.

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