Hollywood Under Fire: David Justice's Digs Burn Down, Sean Penn Loses Trailer

The California wildfires aren't just waging war against the entertainment industry — they're also happy to take on sports stars, hitting a home run against former baseball bright-spark David Justice.

FOXNews.com has confirmed that the former "flame" of Halle Berry was granted no "justice" from naughty nature as his multi-million dollar digs in San Diego burnt down on Wednesday.

Pals of the pro said David is devastated to have lost so many memories.

"Of course, he was warned that his property was at risk, but deep down you deny to yourself that it could really happen," said our source. "David's devastation is beyond words."

And even though a number of Hollywood's hottest are keeping a distance so they don't get any hotter, the entertainment industry is reaching out to those who reside in the red spots.

"I'm petrified, just petrified," Gwyneth Paltrow's mother Blythe Danner told FOX on the carpet of Wednesday's Environmental Media Awards. "I flew in from New York this morning, and looking over at the devastation was heartbreaking. I have so many close friends who have been evacuated and my heart goes out to them."

Danner is not the only star who is in shock.

"When I flew in I couldn't believe it," Richard Gere told FOX on the red carpet of Monday's 11th Annual Hollywood Film Festival gala. "It looked like something out of a nightmare. As we got closer to the ground, my wife started coughing hysterically and the entire plane filled with smoke from the pressure. That's something I've never experienced — I can't imagine what it would be like to have your home threatened like that. It's so awful."

And even though he was the singing star of "Hairspray," John Travolta certainly won't be spraying anything toxic too close to the tinder.

"I'm so glad we don't have a home in the area," he said. "But we have so many friends and family who do. So many people in our industry have been affected by this, and my heart just goes out to all of them. People very close to me have already been evacuated and it is scary."

We are assuming one person in particular he may have been referring to is "Grease" co-star Olivia Newton-John, who was one of the first to be hustled from her home on Saturday and has yet to return.

And while Sean Penn likes to play an activist role, one thing he can't lobby to change is a mad Mother Nature. Penn first lost his Malibu mansion during the wildfires of 1993 and now looks set to lose some more of his possessions.

On Tuesday, a trailer on his property went "Into the Wild" and burnt to the ground. According to an insider, the threat of "going through that pain all over again" is causing a great amount of stress and discomfort to the Academy-Award winning actor.

Not only are these furious flames affecting our film stars' homes, but they're also targeting the places where they like to eat.

The ever-popular Courteney Cox/Britney Spears hangout Nobu went from sushi to smoldering Wednesday morning as firefighters worked to save some seaweed and salmon.

But the Malibu hotspot was safe from the flames by Wednesday afternoon and has actually opened its doors to weary firefighters, friends and family. Nobu chefs have been cooking up a storm of sushi treats to give hardworking firefighters some much-needed eats.

The fires also seem to be burning up production schedules and have halted filming agendas on hit shows such as FOX’s “24” and ABC’s “Big Shots,” which had plans to roll through the region this week.

The blazes are having an effect on the hotel industry, too.

The majority of hotels across other beachfront towns including Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills and Hollywood are booked solid for the coming days with a star-studded clientele that includes the likes of Kelsey Grammer, Mel Gibson, Mel Brooks and Cher — all of whom reportedly fled far from the flames.

"It's just so tragic; I can't believe what is happening here," said 45-year-old Malibu resident Suzanne Harper. "I have lived here all my life and I've never seen anything so bad."

And while it doesn't exactly serve Nobu's award-winning wantons and miso, it seems the Malibu Beach Inn has become the new spot where stars can sleep with other stars, so to speak.

Billionaire showbiz mogul David Geffen has opened up his recently renovated Malibu Beach Inn free of charge to evacuees and firefighters, and while no names have yet been released, a "few high-profile people are staying there so they can be close to their homes should anything happen."

Earlier this week, Malibu rehab center Promises was evacuated as the wildfires got a little too close to the former playground of girls gone wild Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.

FOXNews.com has also confirmed that firefighters hosed down Courteney Cox's home on Monday morning as the former "Friends" star was inside.