'Hollywood Madam' Heidi Fleiss: Client 9 Is an Arrogant Jerk

She's American, petite, very pretty, brunette, 5-foot-5 and 105 pounds.

That's about all that's known about "Kristen," the prostitute who had a pre-Valentine's Day tryst with "Client 9," a man listed in an unsealed complaint and widely alleged to be New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer.

Former Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss thinks she knows the type.

"Every woman's a hooker, every woman's a hooker," Fleiss told FOXNews.com Tuesday. "Naturally, you meet someone, and you just gotta use your best judgment."

Fleiss, who once had her own stable of beauties catering to the sexual whims of Hollywood's high and mighty, said that in this situation, it's Client 9 who comes off as the jerk.

"Trust and believe, there's people much more successful than him with a lot more to lose that see call girls, and no one will ever rat them out because they treat call girls with respect and decency," Fleiss said.

"This guy seems like an arrogant pr---."

Client 9's rendezvous with Kristen at Washington D.C.'s Mayflower Hotel is detailed within a criminal complaint filed March 5 that lists Temeka Rachelle Lewis as one of four people alleged to have run Emperors Club VIP, an upscale escort service that charged thousands for the services of its "spokesmodels."

Click here to read the criminal complaint.

Yusill Scribner, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's Office, declined to comment when asked Tuesday whether charges would be forthcoming against Kristen or any of the other women identified by first names in the complaint.

Kristen shows she's a realist when it comes to her occupation as a high-class hooker.

"I am not a ... moron, you know what I mean," she said in a conversation intercepted by the FBI. "So maybe that's why girls maybe think they're difficult. ... That's what it is, because you're here for a [purpose]. Let's not get it twisted — I know what I do, you know."

Kristen made her comments on Feb. 14 after Lewis asked if Client 9 was difficult, according to the complaint.

"I don't think he's difficult," Kristen told her. "I mean it's just kind of like ... whatever ... I'm here for a purpose. I know what my purpose is."

Lewis seemed surprised by her answers.

"You look at it very uniquely, because ... no one ever says it that way," she said, asking Kristen if Client 9 "would ask you to do things that, like, you might not think were safe — you know — I mean that ... very basic things."

The call girl responded: "I have a way of dealing with that ... I'd be like listen dude, you really want the sex? ... You know what I mean."

Fleiss said comments like that reveal just what kind of person Client 9 really is.

"He seems like the type that was always trying to give all the pain or change the price or not use a condom," she said. "It's above the law."

Emperors Club VIP funneled funds through an account set up in the name of a dummy corporation, according to the complaint.

Fleiss, who now runs a laundromat in Pahrump, Nev., called Dirty Laundry, said it would have been easier if they had stuck to cash.

"I had two or three clients that paid with checks," she said. "Of course, one was Charlie Sheen. Everyone knows it because he paid by check. If he'd used cash no one would have ever found out."

The former Hollywood Madam, who at 27 had an empire netting $10 million a year, joined a chorus calling for Spitzer's resignation Tuesday.

"How can you be in office, when you're so misleading?" Fleiss said. "You have to adhere to different standards, first of all, when you're in office ... and he was very aggressive in pursuing prostitution rings, which we know in this instance seems like adults doing adult things."

She's not holding her breath on the possibility of criminal punishment.

"Nothing ever happens to the men, you know how it goes," Fleiss said. "Like I said, I don't recommend prostitution as a career at all, but I think it's absolutely set up wrong how the women are the only ones that get beat down. ..."

"There are so many different forms of prostitution," she added. "Politicians are the biggest whores on earth. They'll change their opinion for any amount of money, you know."