Hollywood Is Nuts!

So Tom Cruise and Paramount have parted ways. Paramount kind of says it's because Tom went nuts — jumping on couches, saying goofy things about Brooke Shields and depression.

I'm not buying a word of it. This isn't about Tom being crazy. This is about Paramount being disappointed in a mega star who didn't deliver mega numbers on Mission Impossible III. Trust me, had he, he'd be in the fold.

Hollywood has no problem with nuts. Hollywood is nuts. What Hollywood has a problem with is nuts who don't deliver the goods. Never mind Tom Cruise has delivered the goods to the tune of billions of dollars in box office revenues — that no less than Forbes magazine calls the most bankable star anywhere.

Paramount figures he's not as bankable — not as much of a sure thing. So Tom is thumbed.

Lesson to all. You slip a little bit, it costs your career a lot. Not that Tom is hurting, or will be hurting. I suspect other movie houses will jump at the chance to sign him. His worst sin is aging, and maybe aging a little nutty. Hollywood can take both. As long as Hollywood can take both — to the bank.

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