Hollywood Career's Floundering? Bash Bush

I'm not usually one to offer Hollywood stars tips. So, consider this a freebie: If your career's floundering, bash Bush.

You heard me right. If you want your name in the paper, knock the guy in the White House. It works like a charm, every time.

Don't believe me? Look at Linda Ronstadt (search).

I had no idea she was even still singing until I heard about her Bush-ranting. Now she's in the news and getting something every celebrity craves: attention.

Who cares if she was thrown out of the Aladdin in Vegas? She's been thrown into the national debate. And I bet she's loving every minute of it.

Then there's Whoopie Goldberg (search). Her show's not a hit, so she hits the president. Becomes a hit in the press. Unfortunately, she gets hit at Slim-Fast. No matter, Whoopie's a hit with the left. She needn't worry about her career. They'll take good care of her.

After all, nothing juices up a career like a little controversy. It worked for the Dixie Chicks when they went after the president. Dumb move there, of course, since their core audience seems to like the president. No matter, the Chicks clicked in the press… for a little while, at least.

Just be careful. Not all attention is good attention.

Just look at Sinead O'Connor. She rips up a picture of the pope and, before you know it, Ireland's answer to Curly from the Three Stooges now can't see a news hit for a song hit.

But them there's the breaks. You belt out something other than a song, don't be surprised if you're fans belt out something other than applause.

Celebrities are free, of course, to rant all they want, because they say they care. Just as their fans are free to say, shut the hell up, because we don't..

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