Holloway's Anguished Mother: Tape Confession Means Natalee Could Have Been Saved

Natalee Holloway might still be alive if Joran van der Sloot had called for help instead of allegedly dumping her unconscious body into the Caribbean, the teen's mother, Beth Twitty, believes, the New York Post reports.

Van der Sloot, 20, revealed in a hidden camera "confession" that Holloway had passed out after they had sex on a beach in Aruba on the night the Alabama teen vanished. Van der Sloot then allegedly asked one of his friends to assist him in discarding her body using his boat and pushing her out to sea.

Despite the hidden camera conversation, Van der Sloot's New York-based attorney, Joe Tacopina, said the information on tape was not a confession, according to the Post.

Aruba's top prosecutor, however, said that if Van der Sloot were to be brought to trial again, the tape could be used as evidence.

Van der Sloot continued to deny any involvement in Holloway's death.

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