Holding On

Forget about lawyers. You know what could prove the death of this country? The service (search) in this country. It stinks.

All right, maybe I'm taking this to extremes -- I'm sure it doesn't stink every place. But it stinks in a lot of places. And I've seen it myself.

I made an appointment with an installation guy. He doesn't show between the promised window of 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. I think we invaded Normandy in less time. Well, a guy with a wire splitter needs a wide berth, I guess.

At 12 p.m., I'm getting antsy. At 1 p.m., I'm getting angry. And at 2 p.m., I'm getting homicidal. Maybe I do need a lawyer.

He never shows, so I make a call. They put me on hold for what seems like hours, perhaps thinking that maybe playing old 50s songs will lighten my mood.

It doesn't. I now hate "all" 50s songs.

Finally, I get a live person, who can't help, but who cheerfully transfers me to another live person, who's not live, but a recorded voice that says something like "a real person with a real voice who couldn't care less about you going gray waiting on this line, will be back on this line with you within the calendar year..."

I wait some more and I listen to still more 50s music. Now I hate the entire decade. I am close to stabbing a pen through my eye.

But then a voice -- a live voice!

They have “no idea” what happened to the installation person and try calling the installation company that contracts out the installation guy. And, get this, the installation company puts "them" on hold!

No word back. So they give me the installation company's number.

I call them up and I'm shocked. Not that I got a person, but that here too, I'm listening to 50s music while I'm waiting. What's the deal? Surely Elvis didn't see this is where he'd end up.

Finally I’m told that the installer couldn't make it. I politely respond with something like, "Duh! That's why I'm talking to you now!"

So I make another appointment. The guy doesn't show. The main office has no idea where he is.

I fear he's run away with all that equipment -- some of it mine. He's on a freeway. It's a car chase. FOX will no doubt cover it.

And me? I'm still on hold.

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