Hold Your Horses!

According to USA Today, half of Americans don't think their federal income tax is too high.

I don't buy it -- not for a nanosecond.

You mean to tell me that half of Americans find giving roughly a third to close to half their income are hunky-dory with that?


I would argue that more are feeling better about taxes, as is apparently the case, thanks to the 2001 tax cuts trickling through the population as we speak. After all, those earning under $30,000 did see their rate cut from 15 percent to 10 percent -- of course, they're happy now. They're paying a third less in taxes. But what about the rest? Come on.

Methinks there's an agenda here. And lo and behold in this USA Today piece, Democratic pollster Mark Mellman is quoted as saying, "If people are not clamoring for tax cuts, Congress is unlikely to give them."

Now I know where this is going. Congress will not and should not move on giving the peasants their money back if the peasants aren't complaining. Isn't that rich?

Throw up some cockamamie poll to support your conclusion the president's latest proposed tax cut isn't wise and better Washington hang on to your money than "you" hang on to your money and ta-da! The tax cut goes away.

Not so fast. I would re-word the poll: Are you happy giving a third to half your salary to the government?

Now see your responses.

The class war lives, my friends and so do the lies.

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