Hofstra Student Could Face Criminal Charges for Rape Allegations

Hofstra University freshman Danmell Ndonye could face criminal charges after lying to police about being tied up and gang raped in a dormitory bathroom during a fraternity party.

Ndonye's allegations led to the arrest of four men whose names and pictures were widely circulated following her accusations.

Investigators said that a video of the sexual encounter shows Ndonye consenting to the sex romp. Ndonye later recanted her allegations of rape, confessing to police that she had made up the charges because she had been afraid to tell her boyfriend about the illicit bathroom encounter.

Ndonye has been suspended from school pending a disciplinary hearing, said Hofstra spokeswoman Melissa Connolly.

The spokeswoman also said that a suspension against Rondell Bedward — the only Hofstra student among the five men implicated — had been lifted.

The attorney for another of the accused men, 20-year-old Kevin Taveras, said that the video of the sexual encounter confirms reports that the victim was not forcibly attacked.

"It looks more like a porn movie," Victor Daly-Rivera said. "It showed just the opposite of what the allegations were. There was no tying up, there was no bruising, there was no screaming."

On Wednesday night, Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice revealed that the 18-year-old accuser had recanted and said the sex with the five men had been consensual.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.