History Repeated?

He never succeeded at winning over his critics. Some called him bombastic, others a war-monger.

He warned about terrorism, but few listened.

He warned about a foreign ogre, but few seemed to care.

He talked of not confronting the enemy and about the dangers of kowtowing to the enemy. An enemy that would sooner rip out your heart than let you even think he had one of his own.

So he prepared for the ogre and ultimately decided to take on the ogre. Soon a reluctant world re-thought, maybe this guy was right about the ogre. Maybe he really is a threat, this ogre fellow. And a great battle ensued. Some with the ogre. Some against the ogre.

No matter, the ogre was soon gone. His threat extinguished. And the leader who was second-guessed was a hero. But he wasn't a hero for long. Soon, his popularity waned and his support suffered.

The realities of rebuilding after a war all but wiped out the glories of winning that war.

His fans deserted him. The people who once fell in political lockstep abandoned him. His poll numbers dropped. His people forgot.

The man who originally took on terror, would later be thrown out of office by the very people who rallied around him because of terror.

No, I'm not talking about a president named Bush. I'm talking about a prime minister named Winston Churchill (search).

This is now. That was then.

Funny thing, history. Funny thing.

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