Hip to Be Square

Everyone is convinced Tuesday night's vice presidential debate (search) will be a classic dual of styles: The Grump versus The Hunk; Darth Vader meets Luke Skywalker.

I ain't buying a stitch of it.

My prediction? Don't assume the good-looking guy wins.

I'm not taking sides here, but I see a sea change going on here: Balding, overweight guys are cool. But of particular solace to this reporter, chunks are hunks. And I couldn't be happier myself, because mine has been a lonely march.

Tonight, the tide could turn. I think because we're more scared today, we're frankly open to scary looking people leading us today.

Our world has a long and rich history of turning to dour and homely looking guys in times of crisis. The British in World War II turned to Winston Churchill — clearly no looker. And this nation, ahead of the Civil War, to Abraham Lincoln — no cover story on GQ he!

Right now, there's a revolution in this country and ugly, unassuming people are leading it — and yes, broadcasting it.

Pity for me that in the world of business news, I'm competing with similarly hideous types. So it's kind of like a battle of Quasimodos for Q-ratings.

But that's another story. Here's the real story: Do not assume for a minute that just because yours truly didn't make the Playgirl list of hunky broadcasters, that I didn't make a similar list in, say, Popular Mechanics or Nature magazine.

Because I'll tell you what — and let this be a warning to Shepard Smith and Sean Hannity, our resident Playgirl pinups — this overweight Italian business anchor has your number. And doesn't the nation — and Dick Cheney — know it.

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