Hindsight Is 20/20

I'm a big believer in speaking English, or at least trying to. That's why these 9/11 Commission (search) hearings drive me nuts.

I don't even have to wait around for the report to know the final headlines. Both the Clinton and Bush administrations botched some things. That's fine. But playing political games with it, that's not fine.

I mean, does anyone really think that had someone said, "I have definitive proof a group of Al Qaeda (search) nuts are going to hijack our commercial jets and ram them into buildings," we wouldn't have acted on that?

Please. It's done. It's horrible. It's history.

Just like we missed stories of Japanese secret agents photographing Pearl Harbor months before the infamous attack.

Or British authorities hearing warnings about explosives being put on planes before Pan Am Flight 103 in 1988. They didn't know they'd be plastic.

After the fact, we connected the dots. Before, they were just dots.

But it didn't bring back more than 2,000 brave men in Hawaii, or nearly 300 innocent victims over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Clearly there could have been more cooperation. More examination. More introspection. But there wasn't. And no amount of second-guessing is going to bring 3,000 lives back.

What worries me is fighting more with ourselves than with our common enemy.

Believe me, I don't mind examining what we did wrong in the past, as long as it doesn't divert our attention from very real dangers now.

Terrorists are still out to kill us, even as bureaucrats are still out to score political points with us.

The parties point fingers over things that were. I just hope we know terrorists are pointing guns over things they hope will be.

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