Hillary's Baby

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is about to give birth June 9 to her $8 million baby. That's the advance she got from Simon and Schuster for her book on the White House years. Her agent promises a "candid book."

The question I have is why should anyone expect the Senator once known as "Mrs. Clinton" to be candid in a book when she has never been candid about much of anything?

We know what we want to read, don't we?

How did she put up with her husband cheating all those years, unless her silence was a mutually-beneficial bargain to get them both into powerful positions?

What about those billing records and the Rose Law firm and Vince Foster? What does she know about campaign cash from the Chinese government?

The list of questions is so long, it might fill a book. But don't look for anything candid -- much less honest -- about these subjects.

We get a possible preview of the book from a speech Senator Clinton delivered this week to a group of Connecticut Democrats. She accused President Bush of squandering the surpluses that accumulated during her husband's administration. And she resurrected the ghost of Herbert Hoover, who has been resting comfortably in recent years. Today's schoolchildren, who are pre-occupied with anything but a real education, might have to be told who he was.

This is all part of a carefully orchestrated plan. The Clintons never do anything without a plan -- except, perhaps, when it comes to Bill's extracurricular activities.

She wants to be president as the ultimate vindication of the humiliation she's had to put up with. And she wants to be president to impose her far-left views on the rest of us. That's what this book is about. Oh, and $8 million. I wonder who will play her in the movie that will surely be made by her Hollywood friends?

And that's Column One for this week.

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