Greta Van Susteren's got a very big show Wednesday night... a special one-on-one interview with Hillary Clinton (search)

It will be tough, fair, thorough and relevant and it might give us a hint about the presidential campaign of 2008.

So why did Hillary agree to the interview? Greta's producer, Suzanne Scott, told me today, "Well, we've been asking for a year."

Okay, but you think Hillary noticed that John Kerry (search) lost and didn't go on the FOX News Channel? Maybe.

Anyway... it's a big interview because the 2008 election will not involve an incumbent. Both the Democratic nominee and the Republican nominee will be outsiders trying to get in.

Here's what I want to know...

What is Bill telling Hillary to do? How should the Democratic Party position itself to attract red state voters? Will Bill run as Hillary's vice presidential nominee? And if not, will he run the campaign?

What does Hillary think about what appears to be the rejection of Northeast liberal senators by the country's voters, and is she one of those?

If Hillary were president Sept. 12, 2001, would she have told the Pentagon to work up plans for Saddam Hussein (search)? And once she toppled the mud hut Taliban, would she have stopped or gone on to Baghdad?

If Hillary were president, would she have to be tougher than normal to prove that a woman president can be just as tough as a man?

If America were attacked on Hillary's watch and thousands of civilians died, would she listen to the French when they said, "Stay calm, don't use that big American military to lash out?"

No, I wouldn't ask about Bill and that girl, because I don't care.

I would want to know about the important stuff. The War on Terror probably won't be over, so what would a President Hillary do?

And don't tell me she doesn't want to run, that she wants to be a great senator. That I just don't believe.

That's My Word.

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