Heroes in the Homeland

First off, on this whole Florida security alert, my hats off to the Florida Highway Patrol. And to Florida Governor Jeb Bush. To the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. And to the FBI. And the Secret Service.

All working together flawlessly today.

But, do you know who is the real hero in this whole Middle Eastern-Georgia-Florida highway drama today? Eunice Stone.

A mom, just eating at a Shoney's restaurant with her son, who happens to catch a conversation, allegedly among some Middle Eastern men sitting near her.

Men joking about Sept. 11, one of them reportedly saying Americans had mourned on Sept. 11 and would mourn again on Sept. 13.

Eunice didn't just sit there and continue eating. She got up, literally grabbed a crayon from one of those kid coloring books restaurants have and dashed down the license plate number on their car.

That gave authorities all they needed to track these guys down and to prevent God knows what. We don't know. Now there's talk it was all a joke. I say who cares? Anyone joking about Sept. 11 deserves an ear, and I say, at the least, a finger. But no matter, Eunice did the right thing.

She wasn't anyone special, but what she did was very special.

A mom with a heart, whose sense of duty was greater than her own sense of fear.

There are a lot of unlikely soldiers in this war on terror. Eunice Stone proved today that they don't have to wear a uniform.

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