Here's to You

After hearing from a lot of you, I wanted to saying something to all of you:  Thank you.

Not only for rushing to defend my incredible physique. Clearly you all have discovered, the camera does add 50 pounds.

But seriously, thank you most for this. The Nielsen Rating numbers are out for the quarter just completed. And guess what?

Your World is the number one business program on cable, beating that network with a ticker and that other one with a returning legend.

I kid you not.

May I quote from former CNN founder Reese Schonfeld, who said, "Cavuto has pulled off a TV miracle... to overtake an institution in five years, starting with an audience too small for Nielsen to count and growing to an audience larger than Moneyline... is a feat worth underlining."

Go figure.

I like to tell my bosses it's all me. But I know better and I think they know better.

It's you. It's smart, discerning, caring, patriotic folks like you, who gave us a chance because we decided, on chance, to do a different kind of business show.

A show that wasn't all numbers, but also the meaning behind those numbers.  Not just the data of life, but the drama of life.  Not just the "EBIDTA" world, but the real world.  Your world.  Now, my thanks.

To my boss, Roger Ailes, who believed in our mission when no one did. To my staff, who stuck with the mission when no one knew. And to you, who stuck with us, when no one would.

Thanks for letting me brag, I hate it myself when I hear it at the Oscars. But thanks for giving me a chance to say thanks.

I mean it. We'll keep at it.

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