Here's to Hope

We're still not sure of the exact turnout in Iraq's election (search). It seems to be at least 60 percent, which would be about the percentage of Americans who showed up to vote in our presidential election. But, of course, no one in this country was ever threatened with death if they voted.

No bus of voters was ever blown up, or polling place obliterated.

No, we voted in peace. They voted in terror.

Despite the terror, the warnings, the threats, they voted knowing full well the risk they took.

And, knowing full well it might have been easier to just stay home, they showed their faces and they showed their names. They showed the blue ink from voting on their hands, for the world and the terrorists to see.

They didn't care.

If that doesn't give critics of this whole process pause, I don't know what does. People must want something pretty badly when they ignore the threats things could go very badly for them. They must hunger for change, even while risking their own lives "for" change.

Would we be so gallant in this country? If someone threatened us if we went to the polls, would we go to the polls? I wonder. But there's no wondering about what Iraqis did on Sunday: The little guy triumphed.

Oh, it'll be a long process. Establishing a freely elected government always is. Especially after what all these people have been through.

But in case we ask the question, what did our brave men and women, and many brave Iraqi men and women die for? Look at Election Day. Savor this day and remember this day: The day democracy inched forward and evil took a back seat to something more lasting... hope.

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