Here We Go Again

So now Sen. Joe Biden (search) is "indicating" that he just might run for president in 2008. Well, at least Joe's saying what no doubt at least a half dozen others are "thinking." But didn't we all just go through this process seven months ago?

Political strategists tell me, it's just the way things are: Attention spans are short — political ones shorter still.

But here's my fear: If we keep going like this, we'll be handicapping the next race before one race is even done. Oh, scratch that. We do that already. That's my other point: stop it! It's driving me nuts.

We used to hold off on this nonsense until after the mid-term elections. Now, half of Congress and the nation's governors are long running for the White House by then.

So, they keep pushing things back earlier and earlier. Which explains why they keep refusing to handle tough issues more and more.

No wonder nothing's happening on Social Security (search) or oil exploration. Why put your job on the line when you're looking at an even bigger job?

I know it's human nature to look at the new "it" thing. But here's the problem: The "it" has hit the fan and we're the ones left blowing in the wind.

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