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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Have we been so focused on the political and financial terrors that we lost sight of a little bug packing some big trouble? Are we prepared for the potentially deadly bite of the West Nile virus?

Joining me now from Albany, New York, the president of Mosquito Technologies, Heather Tangora. Heather, how bad is this?

HEATHER TANGORA, PRESIDENT, MOSQUITO TECHNOLOGIES: Well, I think we have only just seen the beginning of the problem.

Three years ago, when I got into this business, I was talking to a New York State health official, and they said within three years you will see this virus across the New York state or throughout the nation. And we are well on our way there.

So I think it is not only a national problem, it's a worldwide problem.

CAVUTO: But would you call it something, as some cynics are saying it, of epidemic nature? Is it that bad?

TANGORA: Well, we don't really know how severe it is going to be. It is an epidemic because we are just seeing so many outbreaks of it.

CAVUTO: But right now, so far, bad for them, but to the elderly, largely. Could you see it broadening out?

TANGORA: Absolutely. I think unless we protect our elderly and our young and the people that have immune deficiency disorders, they are the ones at highest risk.

I definitely think we are going to see more death tolls that increase, definitely.

CAVUTO: Heather Tangora, thank you very much, Mosquito Technologies.

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