Heartfelt Thank You From 'FOX & Friends'

Dear Friends of "FOX & Friends,"

We got some great news today: for this past month our program was the No. 2 most watched program in all of cable news when it comes to viewers between the ages of 25 and 54. Only Bill O'Reilly beats us, but look out Billy... here we come! So, to all of our many viewers and fans, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Without all of you, E.D., Brian, and I would have to get other jobs and not get paid to drink coffee on television.

I must admit I made a mistake during our live interview with retired Sgt. Peter Damon, he is suing Michael Moore and the various producers of "Fahrenheit 911" because his comments were taken out of context of an NBC interview and placed in a "911" montage that made it appear he was anti-war. He is not — he is very much behind the Iraq effort. Because his comments were taken out of context, Sgt. Damon, who lost both of his arms in the war, is suing for $85 million. During the interview the question I wanted to ask was, "Why do you want $85 million from Michael Moore?" But, somewhere along the way, the question got shortened and came out, "Why do you want $85 million." It was not the complete question, but he knew what I was getting at and answered it nicely. I however feel badly that my question came out wrong. After the show I called Sgt. Damon (he was still driving back from the studio) and spoke to his mother who told me that she'd heard the interview was great nonetheless and her phone has been ringing off the hook since our story ran.

On the topic of illegal immigration, we had Butler County Ohio Sheriff Richard Jones on again, this time talking about how he's cracking down on employers of illegals. Despite what we're hearing from Washington, he's not getting much support from the federal government. He told us that an illegal alien came to his office and said something like "I'm here illegally, I surrender." The sheriff then followed protocol and phoned the ICE office and they said they were busy and couldn't come and get the guy, so they suggested something to the effect of "Could he drive about 25 miles to our office and surrender over here? That would be helpful."

After that interview we got plenty of e-mail, this one sums up many viewer's opinions:

Do you hear stories like the one from this sheriff and wonder if you've awakened in 'The Twilight Zone' where up is down and right is wrong? Thanks for that interview.
John Weekley
Dallas, TX

Yes John we do. Thanks for the great note.

And thanks to all of you for watching and making us No. 2!

Have a great day and we'll see you in the morning!

Steve Doocy

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