Heart Attacks and Hurricanes

Money is nice, but it doesn't guarantee you avoid all things bad.

Take former President Bill Clinton (search). He has a lot of money, but it didn't prevent him from being hit with the same stuff that ails the rest of us: high cholesterol and highly clogged arteries. And what about all those rich folks in West Palm Beach, Florida? Hurricane Frances (search) left their mansions without roofs and everyone without power.

Timely reminders, as if we need them, that money gets you a lot in life, but it doesn't shield you from the realities of life, like heart attacks and hurricanes.

Mother Nature, I think, is the great equalizer. Foolish are the rich who refuse to see it, or who think their money shields them from it.

There is nothing so humbling as seeing your home destroyed and everything you know gone. There is nothing so terrifying as going under the knife for a condition all the money in the world can't prevent.

True, the rich are better able to rebuild and, maybe, better afford top care. They might even well live longer. That’s a good thing, because it's not as if they can take with them after life, what they so enjoyed during life.

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