Scrambling. But do not assume health care reform pushers are spent. They're just catching their breath.

Because try as Republicans might to present the death of the so-called public option as another nail in their opponents' big government coffin, they might cool it on the bubbly.

And here's why: Government care isn't dead. It just won't be called government care. It will be called a government cooperative, or co-op.

Actually, it will be called lots of co-ops, not straight government, per say — but don't say Uncle Sam's out. That's all I'm saying. Don't believe me? Then try believing something called history.

Forty-four years ago. That is when Medicare started. And I know you won't believe this, but back then some of its biggest government enthusiasts were disappointed. It wasn't nearly as big as they wanted or as sweeping as they had dreamed.

It was landmark, but it didn't hit the mark. And with a $65 million dollar budget, it didn't remotely hit their mark. Now look at Medicare. A $400 billion budget…and more than $5 trillion in benefits handed out.

Not too bad for a disappointment. That's the thing about the government in the door. It stays. And like an unwanted guest… won't leave. Getting fat on your food and making an ass of himself at the annual pool party. Not that I would know of these things.

You thought he'd take the hint. Meanwhile, he's just taking you for a ride.

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