Health care Isn't Dead; It's Not Even on Life Support

You'd almost think Scott Brown was already in, and health care reform was already out; because health care stocks are already shooting up. I guess, on the prospects health care reform is going down.

Be careful.

I'm not saying Brown still might not be heading to Washington.

Just don't assume Democrats don't get their way on health care whether he does or does not.

They've still got plenty of weapons, because, for now, they still have plenty of seats in the House, and yes, in the Senate too. Enough to force just a simple majority vote in the Senate for health care, even if it gives Republicans fits.

Enough to get the House to vote on the Senate plan, even if it gives even some Democratic congressmen fits. And enough to still try and pick off a moderate Republican, even if it gives both sides fits.

So many options, so little time.

All I'm saying is health care reform is not dead.

I don't think it's even on life support.

Not when leaders in the party want it badly. Even though it could mean some big party names this fall paying dearly; because to a lot of these guys, believe it or not, this is bigger than these guys.

Health care reform isn't a cause. It's a mission.

And this vote, however they get it with whomever they get it, with whatever deal-with-the devil they get it, well, it's the Holy Grail.

So think twice about things not looking healthy for health care.

Frankly, the worse things get for Democrats, they've never looked healthier.

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