Heading to Boston

Dear Viewers,  

Beginning Friday, "On The Record" starts a long week! We head to Boston on Friday morning so that we can do our live show Friday night from Boston. Of course you all know why we are in Boston — the Democratic Convention (likewise we head to N.Y. in late August for the Republican Convention.)

Friday night we are on at 10 p.m. ET, our usual time, but on Monday we begin a week of "late night TV." The activities of the convention end about 11 p.m. and then we start our show. We will have two full hours of live television (about 11pm - 1am.)

If the convention on any night lasts beyond 11 p.m., we will wait until it ends and then start our show. Because we are "live," our programming is often done the "day of" — or, in the case of breaking news, as we go.

This means that I cannot tell you for sure now what we will be doing each night other than that we have lined up many guests for the week. Many of the guests will discuss politics or are politicians — but we will also cover news of the day.

With two hours each night, we ought to be able to satisfy everyone's news desires. Of course this will also be a test of physical stamina for those of you who live east of the Mississippi — it is late! But for those of you west of the Mississippi it should be easy for you to watch and I think you will enjoy the line up we have for the week.

I will be "blogging" from Boston and hope to bring you much of the "behind the scenes" — including pictures and video that you won't see any place else.

Finally, since I do promise you "behind the scenes," last night as we were going into the "E block" (the second to last), my N.Y. producer informed me via my earpiece that our guest for the "G block" had not shown up. While that might put some shows or anchors into a tailspin, I was content to keep going with my legal panel. The legal panel is smart, and I like to hear what they have to say.


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