Headed to New Orleans

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The blog is short today. We are headed from Houston to New Orleans (search) via Baton Rouge.

This morning I got an early call from FOX News correspondent Laura Ingle who is now in Mississippi about to go on a food drop with the National Guard (search). I am hoping we can get her on the air during our show tonight.

It is with some regret that I leave Houston since we had met many evacuees and were working — on the side — to get them housing. My colleague Alicia Acuna is still there and will continue to do our housing placement work. What happens is that people come to our live site offering housing — or call us or e-mail us — so we try to match them up with families.

We are traveling heavy — but the weight is all from water. We were asked by our colleagues to bring water. Our accommodations tonight are a bus with many others — but that sure beats a roof where some people still struggle to survive.

Finally, here's an e-mail I received:

I'm a volunteer at the George R. Brown in Houston. Any word yet on where the deceased from the Superdome are being taken? I've had several personal requests from evacuees and would like to point them in the right direction. Also, I will feed this information to the various information sources at the George R. Brown and the Astrodome.
I watched your show last night where you spoke to the coroner's office but did not see how to contact them.
Kind regards and thanks for being in town and on the ground.
Mark Reid

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