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Even during serious times, it helps to have some humor. Wednesday night was no exception.

We started the show with Steve Harrigan live from Karbala (search) via videophone. It has been very dangerous there for the last 48 hours -- a fierce firefight between our troops and Al-Sadr's militia. Steve has been embedded with the troops and has brought us some terrifying live shots with his videophone.

When "my" two generals sat down to begin the second segment -- right after Steve's live shot -- one asked me, "Where did Harrigan get that helmet?" And they both giggled. I said, "I don't know. Why?" One of them said, and the other nodded, "That thing is not going to protect him. We should send him a real helmet." I hope Steve can read this blog in Karbala.

Because of the live shot Steve brought us last night from Karbala, we had to do something I hate to do: cancel a guest. We had an FBI agent seated in a studio in San Diego ready to go for one of our last segments in the show. I will call him today and apologize -- this is what happens with live TV. We have no idea when our reporters in the war zone are going to call in, and when they do, something has to "give." Perhaps, if he does not hate us, I can persuade him to come back again.

From time to time, I like to include e-mails in this blog to give you an idea about what some -- certainly not all - viewers are saying. I got flooded with Michael Jackson e-mails after he was in court last week. Here is one from Japan:

“I am in Japan and would like to have been present to support MJ. Michael Jackson is 1000% INNOCENT”

My suggestion to this viewer and others: Wait for the evidence. It is always "easier" -- I add tongue in cheek -- to decide guilt, or innocence AFTER you hear the evidence and not before.


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