Hazardous to Your Health

I guess it must be a law or something, but have you noticed not a drug commercial goes by without a lot of warnings that same drug could do a lot of damage?

There's this one treatment for lowering your cholesterol, which in some rare cases, can also lower your chance of living. And increase your irritability. I'd be irritable too if the drug were killing me.

Then another spot for a medication that helps you sleep, but in some rare cases can give you diarrhea too. Now if that isn't enough to give you nightmares, I don't know what is.

Still another for hypertension, which could tense the muscles, including one called... your heart!

Then there's the rare drug doozie that may cause them all: drowsiness, heightened anxiety and excessive blood flow.

That last item would come in handy for one of the erectile dysfunction drugs, but no, they're too busy mentioning the possibility of blindness. There, I guess, you're revved up. You just can't "see" that you're revved up.

Here's what I want to know: Tell me anyone who's seen one of those commercials and gone to the doctor the next day and said, "Doc, I know I could go blind and get diarrhea, that I'll be irritable and maybe tense, but double me up on that prescription just the same."

But I guess there are those people — because they're still running those ads.

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