Hayward Needs to Pull a Gilligan and Get Lost

It's time for Tony Hayward to leave. Resign now, or for whatever is left of the dignity of BP, just fire the guy.

The yacht race over the weekend was the last straw. What the sail was he thinking? Days after U.S. lawmakers all but called him a clueless twit, he provides the visuals to prove it. It's one thing to have a tin ear, but he's all but giving the world the middle finger.

So Tony, I want to address this to you, personally, now: Enough.

Enough of acting like you care when you don't and saying you'll be more hands-on when you won't.

Enough of saying you're all over the calamity in our Gulf waters, but clearly more interested in yachting off British waters.

Perhaps you're confusing your ships, but clearly you don't know ship, Tony. Or at the very least, give a ship, Tony.

You paint yourself as a hands-on Gulliver in the Gulf, but you're more like a hapless Gilligan just getting engulfed.

There's no excuse for Congress shamelessly capitalizing on your stupidity or a power-hungry president from exploiting your insensitivity, but why must you make it so easy?

Some say it's a British thing. I think that's an insult to a great people. I’ve known great Brits, many great Brits are friends of mine. Tony, you're no great Brit. A great twit, maybe, but definitely not a great Brit.

Somehow, Tony, you have managed to take a crisis, for which there really are many to blame and become the single face of a hapless and hopeless loser at whom all can laugh.

But this snit is no laughing matter, Tony. You're a serious and now dangerous laughing stock, who has damaged his stock and the future of a cleanup effort in which so many have put serious stock.

So take stock, Tony, and just go. So we can get back to cleaning up a mess and later addressing the government over-reach because of your mess.

It's a mess, Tony. So pull a Gilligan: Find an island and, for the love of God, get lost.

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