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Tonight is our last show of the year 2005 and it is also the fourth anniversary of my leaving CNN and moving to FOX News Channel. (CNN would not officially release me until the end of January so I did not actually appear on FNC air until Feb. 4.) At the time my job change was a surprise to many but not to me. It was time to have a new adventure and leave CNN and the opportunity at FOX seemed exciting...and I was right. It has been very exciting. Moving to FOX was a great decision for me...the best career decision so far!

To say the four years have gone quickly is to understate it. They have raced by and I am grateful for the opportunities I have had here at FOX. I have been very lucky to work with extremely talented people who also happen to be fun. We work hard, but we also can find things to laugh about.

Working in the media is always exciting — we have a ringside seat for everything that is happening in the world as it happens. I have never been bored. I may be tired from time to time, but never bored. If you are thinking of a career, while I still think law school is the best education you can get, a career in the media is a great choice. (Of course both careers pale in importance to nursing, fire fighting, emergency response, etc. — if you have the stamina for those careers, do those. We always need more people to do hands on help.)

On a light side... I have received many e-mails clamoring to see that high school picture of Bernie Grimm that I wrote about yesterday. I have to figure out a way to show you...it is a picture that you will like. I guarantee that. I am going to push my senior producer to just show it at the end of the show tonight...it may seem random, and even not newsworthy, but I don't care...it is funny...we all could use a laugh.... and it is the end of the year.

We would like to try something different on the show tonight. Do you have any questions you want to ask our legal panel? It can be about cases we've covered or even about them. If you do, send them to us today and we will use some of them on the show tonight.

Finally... Happy New Year… and your e-mails:

E-mail No. 1:

Only the victims’ families suffer when California prolongs the death penalty. My grandmother Marie Axtell was murdered by John Lee Holt a door-to-door salesman in 1989, he thankfully was given the sentence of death. I hope that he does not receive the "fame" that recent murderers have been getting.
Please California whether it's to save money, time or politics....follow through with the jurors orders.
Tri-Cities, Washington

GRETA: I love the next e-mail for the remark in the parenthesis... we have all been there… bored at work... admit it...I deliberately omitted — protected? — the name from the e-mail.
E-mail No. 2:

Did Bernie & Ted get married? You have them both with last name Williams on the blog for tonight's show. I guess they were inspired by Elton John's wedding. (You can see how busy I am here at work today.)

E-mail No. 3:

My husband and I watch Greta virtually every night. My style of dress is very similar to her's. I have seen the outfit she wore on tonight's show a few times before and make the same comment to my husband every time. While I love the jacket, it would be set off much better with a black turtleneck instead of the grey one she wears. That, against the brown tone blazer and her blonde hair would be spectacular looking. The grey turtleneck makes her look too washed out. Just a suggestion. We love the show and Greta no matter what.
E. Barag
Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

E-mail No. 4:

Before my ‘70s and ‘80s and better part of the ‘90s addled brain forgets (Again). May you, your staff, family, and whatever critters you posses at this time have a very (Belated) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Screw the naysayers and keep doing what you do best. (Although I am glad to see you have been shooting back at some of the more idiotic e-mails.) From myself, the teenager, and the idiot cat...Thank you.
From the desk of Smitty, Anna Marie and Stir fry, the idiot cat. Ride safe.

ANSWER: I would love to see Stir Fry....and I am curious how he got the name...

E-mail No. 5:


Relax, this isn't a nasty note. I agree with Ted about the woman who accused the college football player of rape. When a woman is in a man's hotel room in the late night/early morning hours, what does she think is likely to happen? She isn't there for milk and cookies! Then we can speculate about whether she was drinking or knowingly took drugs, whether she had slept with the football player in the past, whether she is motivated by money, and on and on. Of course, under any circumstances, no means no. If the woman told the man to stop and he didn't stop, that's rape. I won't presume guilt or innocence of either party in this case, and I hope to hear future updates from you. Maybe you could tell us on your blog how much e-mail you get on the topic and the gender breakdown of those more sympathetic to the woman vs. to the man.

By the way, when you were in New Orleans to interview Sen. Clinton, I hope your husband didn't spend the first day or two of his vacation with his new wife.

Happy New Year!

Melinda Romeo
Cleveland, Ohio

ANSWER: Melinda - my husband did not divorce me for ruining another vacation.... fortunately he has already forgotten it...or has come to expect that every vacation with me starts late...or gets cancelled!

E-mail No. 6:

Loved your subtle attempt at humor tonight regarding Lafave. Helping kids fulfill their dreams, etc. Pretty funny. I agree with Susan Estrich —she should do jail time. I am a former teacher and what she did is sick. She should have her license revoked and never be allowed to handle children again.
Yes, I bet the guys might have been bragging about a teacher relationship like that one, but wait a minute. This woman took advantage of a kid! Shame on her. If she were ugly, no one would care and she probably wouldn't have done it anyway.
P.S. Nice heather blazer.
Happiness and success in the New Year to you,
Lynn Liaskos
Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

E-mail No. 7:

Please, FOX News keeps missing one extremely important point. It seems that FOX is quite emotional about the question of sex with children and invites only those who are emotional about the question. But do you realize that FOX and all of FOX's guests continue to never mention what the problem is that these children wind up with affected the rest of their lives.

The 14-year-old wound up extremely confused and has problems that will last him a lifetime, but "What Problems?" "How is it going to effect him all the rest of his life?" It isn't enough to just say that he will have problems, or that he will be confused for a lifetime. Please, is seems like FOX nor any of its psychological experts have any idea what damage actually happens to children that have non-violent sex and even some children now have been sent to jail for having sex. That might have been the result of FOX News’ extreme emotional treatment of non-violent sex.

You must understand that children have been having sex for a hundred thousand years. This nation is the first one to send children to prison for having sex. Don't you think that is somewhat excessive?

Jim Humble
Mina, Nevada

E-mail No. 8:

Regarding the “What is a woman doing in a football player’s hotel room at 3:00 am?” remark. Does a woman have a right to walk down a dark alley in a bad part of town at 3:00 am? Absolutely. Does a woman have a right to be in a man’s hotel room at 3:00 am? Absolutely. But surely a woman knows the possible ramifications of each choice.
I would agree that even though a woman puts herself in a questionable situation, such as a man’s hotel room at 3:00 am, she is still entitled to her “no” to mean “no” to sex. I’m not trying to blame the alleged victim.
But the point here is that Mr. Williams raised an entirely reasonable question (what, did she expect to play Parcheesi at 3:00 am?) and Ms. Van Susteren all too quickly raised the operant-conditioned feminist response regarding a woman’s rights. Ms. Van Susteren did a disservice to any women watching by making them think they have every right to put themselves in a foolish situation and expect perfect safety.
Hope M. Garcia
Rio Rancho, New Mexico

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