Hate in the USA

I have on my desk right now two pages from a textbook that I'm told is used at the Saudi Islamic School in Alexandria, Virginia.

The text says — in bold print — in a lesson for Muslim children to learn and recite, "All religions other than Islam are false religions." Right below that is a note to teachers, telling them to explain to the children specifically that the religion "of the Jews and Christians" are "false religions". This is directed at kids as young as age six.

You may read this and say, "Well, that sounds intolerant, but gosh, is it really hateful?"

Here's what a Muslim source of mine says:

"In the Muslim world, religion is the most dynamic force in people's lives. Thus, if we teach students from the first grade that all other religions are false, it is not a far stretch to imagine that this type of rhetoric can be used as a justification to kill people of other religions because they are 'infidels'. In fact, this is happening now."

This same source is the president of a group called The Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism. Here is a group of faithful Muslims who are so appalled by the curriculum at this school in Virginia that they are demanding the school change its textbooks immediately. If the school refuses, the Coalition says it should shut down entirely.

A member of the “DaySide” audience Monday said he thinks federal or local authorities should shut down the school. But his wife then said, "Wait, this is America, don't we allow freedom of speech? We may not like what they say, but don't we protect their right to say it?"

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I'm planning to have the President of the Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism on the show with me tomorrow to discuss this.

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