'Harry Potter' Star Daniel Radcliffe Reveals He Suffers From Neurological Condition

"Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe has revealed he suffers from dyspraxia, a neurologically based disorder that gives the 19-year-old trouble tying his shoelaces.

Radcliffe admitted to having the condition in an interview to mark his Broadway debut in the play "Equus," saying, "I sometimes think, 'Why, oh why, has Velcro not taken off?'"

According to dyspraxiausa.org, developmental dyspraxia is a neurologically based disorder of the processes involved in the planning of movement to achieve a predetermined idea or purpose, which may affect the acquisition of new skills and the execution of those already learned.

Radcliffe revealed he became an actor partly because his dyspraxia meant he was not successful at school.

"Yes, Dan Radcliffe does have dyspraxia," Radcliffe's spokeswoman told the Daily Mail. "This is something he has never hidden. Thankfully his condition is very mild and at worst manifests itself in an inability to ties his shoelaces and bad handwriting."

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