'Harry Potter' Shattering Records

Harry Potter | Usher

'Harry Potter' Shattering Box Office Records

You wouldn't think anyone be so interested in Harry Potter after four movies. But Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is about to set some records when Sunday's box office receipts are counted.

As of Friday night—if estimates are correct—Goblet of Fire is nearly $23 million ahead of the last Harry Potter after nine days of release. It will pass $200 million in domestic sales sometime Monday or Tuesday, making it the most successful of the four films in the series thus far.

As of Friday night, Goblet Fire had banked $171 million. Last year, after a similar nine days, Prizoner of Azkaban had done only $147 million.

On Friday night, Goblet of Fire did an astounding $23 million, twice what it did on Thanksgiving.

Obviously, the best thing that ever happened to the series is those kids turning into teens. A whole new following seems to have sprouted up for them.

'Line' Walking All Over Usher

Meanwhile, new releases Walk the Line, Pride and Prejudice, and Rent—all with potential Oscar nominations—have done very well over the holiday. Walk the Line, which should be a multiple nominee with Best Picture/Actor/Actress, continues to build word of mouth. And it's deserved—Walk the Line is a terrific movie.

But R&B star Usher seems to be following 50 Cent. First the latter's Get Rich or Die Trying was a box office disappointment. Now a new movie starring Usher called In the Mix is failing to attract an audience. Interestingly, Pride and Prejudice—which is at 300 fewer theaters—is doing better business than Usher. It's nice to know that the general public can differentiate between class and crass.