Hard to Be Brave When You're Broke

When it's breaking news that we're broke, we're broken.

I know I keep pounding this issue, but I think you now know why it's such a big issue for us here at Fox — and particularly on Fox business — which, if you're not getting… you get the picture.

And no doubt, some of you have seen these ads painting this picture, and the fact that we're all broke is a very scary picture — because the fact we are impacts everything we do, or try to do.

Take the Gulf oil mess. As much as the president can't stand British Petroleum, you know what? When it comes to cleaning up the Gulf mess, he has no alternative to British Petroleum. No money, no resources — so no one to do the job other than the folks who did the job on the Gulf.

Being broke limits your options.

Because when money's so tight that you can't or won't send troops to defend your borders, who's to blame Arizona for defending its border?

And when you're so broke and so in need of oil, who's to blame you for swallowing hard and sucking up to Middle Eastern nations that'd sooner wish you dead? Or when you're so in debt that you don't say boo to a China that would sooner see you subservient.

Like I said, hard to be brave, when you're broke. Hard to be a beacon when you're a bumpkin. Hard to make adversaries meet when you can't make ends meet.

They know it, you know it, and those who wish us ill know it. They know a Western world that has spent itself into oblivion, and now, if it isn't careful, will face oblivion — because it spent more than it had and now faces more bills than it can pay.

That's why we're so big on this: Because there is nothing bigger than this.

Which is why Fox Business plans to be all over this.

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