Happy to Comply

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It's great to be back and, unlike Iran, I have agreed to stop enriching uranium and announced it just as the United Nations deadline approached. I just wish the rest of the world was as compliant as I am.

We debated the ongoing Iranian crisis with Cliff May and Dennis Ross — two of the world's best experts on global affairs. Both agreed that this is a critical time for our nation and for the process. Iran's goal is to get nukes and split the USA from the European Union. Our goal is to stop the enrichment process and install a verification process. Good luck! As Col. Hunt said on the radio show today, we do not have an effective plan to fight Iran. But others, like General McInerney, disagree. Why is everybody afraid of Iran but unafraid of the U.S.? I guess that's for deeper thinkers to ponder.

What really fascinated many of you is the Texas High School that cancelled their dance because their students were grinding and touching too provocatively — better known as "dirty dancing." I am a pure Hustle-Lindy-Twist guy, so I cannot relate, but E.D. and Steve seem to know the exact problem.

I had a great couple of days off, but my biggest regrets are missing the 'Idol' judges and seeing E.D. rehearse her space suit segment. As for my days away from the best show on cable TV, it was tough, but great to be with my family. I was able to tackle the biggest challenge to any parent of a young family: Keeping kids entertained when it's pouring rain outside in Montauk, New York. Thankfully, they found endless hours of entertainment playing ring and run in our hotel and ordering towels and toothpaste from the front desk. Thankfully many watched the show at the Montauk Yacht Club (no, I don't have yacht nor do I have a boat).

Can't wait for FOX fan Friday! Hope to see you outside. And, if you are going on vacation for Labor Day, please make time for "FOX & Friends."

See ya!


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