Happy Birthday Yogi!

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Yogi Berra turns 80 today.

Yogi is the quintessential Yankee (search), independent, home spun and a guy who never gives up.
After all, he coined the phrase: "It ain't over till it's over." Right now, that's advice the Yankees need.

Even though the Yanks have been on a winning streak for 5 games, they're just barely out of last place, despite a huge $200 million payroll, rabid fans, super coaches, and historical momentum. But seeing the once invincible Yanks in the cellar may not be such a bad thing, even for a Yankees fan.

Sometimes we forget that money and pride can't buy everything. The spirit of victory hangs on more than bluster, past glory and a price tag. Questions about drug use hang over the team... as does the weight of losing the World Series to the Red Sox (search). So maybe it's time for a little humble pie. Maybe the richest, most winning team in baseball needs to examine up close the error of false pride.

Maybe, just maybe, this year the Yankees should pride themselves on being good losers, instead of world champions….

Naw!!! Happy birthday, Yogi!!

And that’s the Observer.

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