Hanging On to the Greatest Generation

The world is spent, and suddenly we're all at a loss.

And we're anxious. Governments teetering, markets swaying, great currencies collapsing. We're nervous for good reason, but it's not as if we haven't dealt with crises before.

The generations we honor this day got through depressions and world despots and carried on, without carrying on about it; without bitching or whining, without pointing fingers. Just pointing forward.

We could learn from a generation that chose not to define itself by what it lost in possessions, but what it kept in principles.

Something to think about this time of year, when we honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

I'm not saying we're soft; I am saying our memories are soft. We forget what it means to really lose something big, and give up something even bigger.

Some like to say the greatest generation is going, going, gone — but it's not as if they didn't leave behind some DNA. Namely, us.

Time to prove we are worthy heirs, up to the challenge and not shrinking from the responsibility.

They fought and died for it; the least we can do is prove to those who came before us, that we — like they — are up to it.

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