Handyman Gets Life in Prison for Killing N.Y. Woman

A laborer who raped and murdered a suburban homemaker in her bedroom after being hired to clean a backyard deck was sentenced Monday to life in prison without the chance of parole.

Douglas Herrera Castellanos' sentencing came on what would have been the 13th wedding anniversary of the victim, Mary Nagle, and her husband, Daniel.

Castellanos "beat, cut, raped, sodomized and strangled the greatest love of my life and the mother of my two children," Daniel Nagle told the judge at the hearing.

Nagle said he and his children had visited his wife's grave on Mother's Day. He told the judge his 7-year-old son, Chris, asked: "Will we ever be OK? Will we ever be normal? Will we learn to live with only the three of us?"

State Supreme Court Justice William Kelly sentenced Herrera to life imprisonment, saying he wanted to guarantee that Herrera "will never have the chance" to commit another crime.

The April 2005 slaying of the Mary Nagle, 42, drew wide attention because afterward the attacker allegedly used her cell phone to brag about the crime to her relatives. Five women said they received calls from a man with a Spanish accent who spoke lewdly about what had happened to Mary Nagle.

Herrera, 30, a Guatemalan immigrant whose visa expired five years ago, had Mary Nagle's cell phone with him when he was arrested. He was convicted last month of rape and first-degree murder.

Herrera was working for a house-painting contractor and had been assigned to power-wash the Nagles' backyard deck. He testified that he had partied on beer and cocaine the night before and did not remember entering the house or killing the woman. However, he said, he did recall waking up next to her bloody body.

"I would do anything to change what happened," he said at his sentencing. "Forgive me."