Hamas and Islamic Jihad…Misunderstood?

And now the most engrossing two minutes in television, the latest from the wartime grapevine:

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Hamas and Islamic Jihad…Misunderstood?

While Hamas (search) is taking responsibility for last week's bus bombing in Israel…the deadliest such attack in three months…and a localized cell of Islamic Jihad (search) has taken responsibility for a deadly suicide bombing last month, the French government is now insisting there is no proof the two organizations are terror groups. Hamas' military wing was added to the European Union's list of terrorist groups two months ago, but French diplomatic adviser Maurice Gourdault-Montagne says neither Hamas…as a whole…nor Islamic Jihad…at all…should be included.

Hispanic Hoopla

According to Webster's dictionary the words "Hispanic" and "Latino" both refer to persons of Latin-American origin living in the U.S. But the Washington Post reports there is now a heated argument among some such people against the word Hispanic, which they claim suggests a connection to the white Iberian peninsula encompassing Portugal and Spain. Some Latinos, therefore, indignantly insist they are not Hispanics because they are descended from the native peoples of Latin America who were conquered by the Spanish or Portuguese. Indeed one such person, novelist and poet Sandra Cisneros, at first refused to appear on the cover of Hispanic magazine, saying it was a , "slave name." She finally agreed, but only with a fake tattoo on her arm that said Pura Latina…Pure Latina.

Do Doctor’s Get Sick?

From the wonderful world of socialized health-care, a new study in England shows that junior hospital doctors in that country are under such pressure from higher-ups to perform that they don't take sick leave, which then puts their patients at an extra risk of infection. The study, quoted in London's Guardian, says such infections are costing the English government the equivalent of an extra $1.5 million each year. Meanwhile in Canada, a new survey published in the Vancouver Sun shows that nearly half of doctors in that country say they are so burned out they may abandon their practices.

Stephanopoulos: More Analysis and Less Punditry

ABC's Sunday Show This Week, which once dominated the ratings but has slid into 3rd place under its new anchor George Stephanopoulos (search), is being reinvented. Gone will be the journalists panel, and with it the only visible conservative on ABC News, George Will. In its place will be a new program built around Stephanopoulos, and, he tells the Washington Post, built on reporting, not punditry. Says former Clinton adviser Stephanopoulos, who never worked as a reporter until he came to ABC, "The whole notion of more facts, more analysis and less punditry is something I'm very comfortable with. ... It's sort of where my strengths have always been."

— FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report