Halle Berry, David Schwimmer, and the Boys of Ocean's Eleven

Halle Berry, David Schwimmer, and the boys of Ocean's Eleven in the garish Vegas lounge glare of The Foxlight.

Sorry guys, Halle Berry is not going to go double 'o' topless in the new James Bond movie. She says she couldn't if she wanted to Bond films are PG. She's baring all in the new film Monster's Ball but Monday morning on the Today Show she told Matt Lauer that those scenes were necessary, but  being nude for 007 isn't. She said if anyone in the film takes their top off it'll be Pierce Brosnan.

If you always thought David Schwimmer looks like a math teacher, you may get your wish. Whether he's kidding or not, the 'Friend' is fixed for life financially, and says he wants to leave show business after the show to teach trigonometry.

The guys in Ocean's Eleven apparently had such a good time, they want to keep working with each other. Brad Pitt and Matt Damon want to be in George Clooney's new movie about Gong Show host Chuck Barris. Get this, Pitt and Damon would play talentless Gong Show contestants. How about a superstar playing the unknown comic with a bag over his head? That would be the coolest non-cameo cameo of all.